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What you need to have for creating a new website?

The purpose of this article  is to give you some feedback and guideline pointers on what you should and shouldn't do when starting a new website. Obviously the requirements for websites vary greatly - we are not going to discuss the requirements of these websites, we are going to consider the general pitfalls and advantages of setting up a new website.

Domain Name

Domain names are relatively cheap to buy, people have registered a lot of domains that they have no intention of ever using.  This means that getting a domain name that in anyway resembles your company name is now becoming increasingly difficult. In fact, this problem was one of the deciding factors in us selecting Method & Class as a company name - we could actually get the .com domain.

So probably the first thing you should do is register a domain name - this should be as short and memorable as you can get. If necessary, try putting in dashes (-) for spaces to create y…