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HTML Colour Chart

Complete HTML True Color Chart; Table of color codes for html documentsPrimary/Main/Basic Colors0000000000330000660000990000CC0000FF0033000033330033660033990033CC0033FF0066000066330066660066990066CC0066FF0099000099330099660099990099CC0099FF00CC0000CC3300CC6600CC9900CCCC00CCFF00FF0000FF3300FF6600FF9900FFCC00FFFF3300003300333300663300993300CC3300FF3333003333333333663333993333CC3333FF3366003366333366663366993366CC3366FF3399003399333399663399993399CC3399FF33CC0033CC3333CC6633CC9933CCCC33CCFF33FF0033FF3333FF6633FF9933FFCC33FFFF6600006600336600666600996600CC6600FF6633006633336633666633996633CC6633FF6666006666336666666666

About Us and Why Choose Us

About Us Our company offers social media marketing services with customers from all over Singapore and the Asia Pacific. Since our inception, we've dealt with hundreds of clients and we're currently processing orders on a monthly basis. Unlike many companies, we don't have to worry about our competitors or what services they offer or what their prices are - because most of our competitors are actually resellers of our services!

We are confident in the services we offer. If you have any doubts before ordering our services, we suggest that you find the cheapest package on our website that interests you and test it out. We know that you'll love our services! Give us a try today!

Why Choose Us?
The social media marketing industry has always been full of companies asking business owners to "request a quote." Our goal is to provide businesses with upfront pricing for high-quality services. We know how much our services cost, we shouldn't have to ask how much you…

Overview of Make My Site

MakeMySiteSG provides individuals, Self-Employed Professionals, Startups, SMEs and other corporate bodies services in online marketing as their alternative to brand awareness or publicity.

Having your target audience, how can the Internet grow your business through Online Lead Generation Techniques ? We create sales revenue without increasing much in the marketing budget for our clients. We build websites with marketing elements on the digital platform.

We have a proven methodology and process besides just SEO, online classifieds and social media, combining 10 major digital marketing channels to implement their marketing strategy online. Thus delivering an effective online marketing ecosystem for our customers to reap and harvest warm ready leads generated from the internet.

My journey with website design started in 2004, covered over 100 projects. From 2009, we have grown to extend online marketing services like social media development, Google Apps, Google Adwords, Logo …

Ways To Reach Your Target Audience

Ways To Reach Your Target Audience

Updating and maintaining your website

Updating and maintaining your website is also important because it encourages search engines to come and index your website, thus enabling your website to be ranked in the search engines when web users do an online search.

BlueHost Vs. GoDaddy: A Simple Comparison and Review

In the web hosting industry mainly concentrated in USA, these are the two most popular options — BlueHost vs. GoDaddy. Perhaps the largest web hosting service provider is Godaddy. However from January 2013, Bluehost has been appearing on Youtube and many other online media channels in their marketing drive. GoDaddy and Bluehost started in 1996.

When considering a web host provider, you should choose the hosting provider that provides you with the services that you need. Reliability is very important when your main goal online is to create income from internet marketing. Hiring a good web host provider is the first step towards making your business successful. These two hosting providers are often confused with one another by those who are new to web hosting.

BlueHost Vs. GoDaddy: A Simple Comparison and Review

To answer the question on which hosting provider is the best, I would suggest that you make an in-depth comparison between the two in order to be able to determine which one is rig…

Top 10 Benefits of Our Service

We are one of the growing firms with finely crafted creative and strategic designers and develop an SEO friendly and mobile responsive website to give meaning to your online business.

We have innovative web solutions for organizations including advanced database interactivity & database design, e-commerce solutions, Flash design with programming etc.

Top 10 Benefits of Our Service:

::: Affordable Cost

::: Deliver the projects at right point of time

::: Save thousands of dollars every year

::: Hired Web Designers, PHP

::: Monthly or Weekly reports available

::: We strictly work as per Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

::: We do not approach company’s clients directly

::: Full intelligibility in the work

Please let me know if you are interested, I would be happy to give you details about our services, price list and offers.


The TOYOTA i-ROAD is a type of new urban mobility that leads you ahead. Five colors make your life more vibrant. In 2014, the TOYOTA i-ROAD takes to the streets around the world.