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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Basically, as an affiliate marketer of ABC Company in USA that offers using affiliate marketing, you market products for a company and be paid a commission for every sale. Commission can range from 5% to as much as 50% of the product or services.

If you are into any form of internet marketing or affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing at its most fundamentals is about relationships, a relationship between three parties:

- The Advertiser - - The Publisher - - The Consumer -The Advertiser In the world of affiliate marketing, an advertiser can be a company selling a product like electronics, coupon deals, clothing or even automotie parts, or an advertiser could also be a finance company selling loans. The most important thing to remember is that you are an advertiser if you are ready to pay other people to help you sell and promote your business.
The Publisher A publisher is a person or a corporate entity that promotes an advertiser’s product or service in exchange for earning a comm…

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