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What you need to have for creating a new website

The purpose of this article  is to give you some feedback and guideline pointers on what you should and shouldn't do when starting a new website. Obviously the requirements for websites vary greatly - we are not going to discuss the requirements of these websites, we are going to consider the general pitfalls and advantages of setting up a new website.

Domain Name

Domain names are relatively cheap to buy, people have registered a lot of domains that they have no intention of ever using.  This means that getting a domain name that in anyway resembles your company name is now becoming increasingly difficult. In fact, this problem was one of the deciding factors in us selecting Method & Class as a company name - we could actually get the .com domain.

So probably the first thing you should do is register a domain name - this should be as short and memorable as you can get. If necessary, try putting in dashes (-) for spaces to create your desired company name. It's always nice to…

Effective Email Marketing

Is marketing giving you a headache? I see it time and time again – a brilliant technopreneur with a fantastic business idea that can’t get a thing right to attract enough customers. They have spent countless hours, weeks, even months, mapping out a very detailed, intricate marketing plan. The truth of the situation is, in fact, that what’s behind the marketing matters more than the marketing itself. Find out what your target market WANTS. You might have a killer marketing strategy but if your conversions are low, it could be that you need to look at what’s behind the marketing to find the real reason nobody is buying from you. A better mind map, to start, is, who are you trying to attract, and why (besides you making money) are you trying to reach them? Think out all the reasons they would look for you, and when they find you, what would delight them, and what would frustrate them?

With insights from Tim Tan Yeong Chye, a local Singapore owner of Make My Site business firm, he has reap…

BlueHost Vs. GoDaddy: A Simple Comparison and Review 2018

In the web hosting industry mainly concentrated in USA, these are the two most popular options — BlueHost vs. GoDaddy. Perhaps the largest web hosting service provider is Godaddy. However from January 2013, Bluehost has been appearing on Youtube and many other online media channels in their marketing drive. GoDaddy and Bluehost started in 1996.

When considering a web host provider, you should choose the hosting provider that provides you with the services that you need. Reliability is very important when your main goal online is to create income from internet marketing. Hiring a good web host provider is the first step towards making your business successful. These two hosting providers are often confused with one another by those who are new to web hosting.

BlueHost Vs. GoDaddy: A Simple Comparison and Review

To answer the question on which hosting provider is the best, I would suggest that you make an in-depth comparison between the two in order to be able to determine which one is rig…