How To Create A Blog For Your Business

Be prepared to fork out thousands of dollars for a Top Blog website!!! That’s not really true now!

If you never had a Blog Website, you should start one today and right away.

It is so easy, I will be guiding you on a step by step basis right from start to finish.

Allow me to begin by showing you the vital and foundational steps.
Let’s get started to a blog website creation.

Here’s the Outline to Start a Blog Website.

You need 3 things to get it all kicked start.

1. A Domain Name – This is the web address of your website. For example my site’s domain name is:
2. A Good Web Hosting Provider – This is where your website files, pictures, content will be stored on the internet servers, for visitation 24/7.
3. A good CMS Content Management SystemWordPress would be one of the more popular ones that offer a lot plugins and design themes.
You can get these 3 things in less than 15 minutes.
So starting a website is not complicated. With the right tools it can be really simple.


Domain Name Registration

See on my article in on how to choose a good domain name.

A good way is to choose a list of keywords that is related to your website.

Google Keyword External Tool can be helpful when you are researching for “high traffic keywords” for your domain name.

Try to get a or a ending domain as these are the most common and people remember these domains better.

The less popular ones like or or may allow you to use the domain name you want, but people may forget offhand and they end off going to a .Com website.

To register your domain, you can go to our Singapore’s most Popular and preferred domain name registrar

Website Hosting Provider

To get your website up online, you basically need to purchase a hosting account from a server company, allowing your website contents to be stored on the internet.
They are plenty of good web hosting providers on the internet and the prices and features are somewhat similar.

I recommend Bluehost simply because it has not given me any problems and they are a green hosting provider.

Bluehost also provides free domain name registration which safes you the hassle of going to a domain registrar separately to register your domain name.  (See video: Learn WordPress Tutorial)


Some of you might have heard of blog for free?

There are HUNDREDS of reasons why not, but this is one of my favorites…

Did you know that (the FREE version) does not allow affiliate links those like!

So if someone was hoping to monetize their blog (make any money from it), it is significantly harder with a blog that doesn’t allow affiliate links!

Website Building Software


For website hosting installations, all you have to do is log into your web hosting provider account, go to the control panel or some call it cPanel and use point and click installation software like Fantastico or SimpleScripts to install WordPress.


Usually with just a few clicks on the installation and in under a minute, you website is online and you can start adding content to it.


WordPress helps you get your website up and running easily. It is highly customizable with over 10,000  types of design themes and plugins to choose from.

There many WordPress themes, both free and paid which you can find on the internet.
You may have already heard of WordPress and maybe even be thinking of starting a WordPress blog.

Yes, there are other CMS lik Wix and Weebly are drag and drop design type website builder that offers tons of ready to use templates to start your website.

They also directly handle your domain registration and web hosting.

All you have to do is choose a template, design and add content to your website and with a click of a button, your website goes live.

Some would argue that this other CMS options lacks the customized ability as compared to WordPress. Well, there is no one and all perfect Website software.

Now that you have set up your website, here comes the challenging part.

Start to build website traffic, Yes, make people visit your website, and making money out of it.;)
It’s Online Marketing Time… A NEW business internet opportunity offer now planet earth…..

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