What is your Blue Ocean Strategy?

Are you experiencing a high level of competition from the marketplace and seeking a blue ocean opportunity?

Does it mean only technology can create blue ocean opportunities?

Do you have a new entrant to your world of business stiffling your business opportunity revenue?

Probably some of you have read this Blue Ocean Strategy book written by W.Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne.

A “Blue Ocean” represents an uncontested market, a product or service that only one company is selling.

I am sure you have lost money online. In actual fact 99% of affiliates spend their money on buying old software and out-dated strategy from so-call super affiliate and ended up unhappy over the result they get. You will win better with a Blue Ocean Strategy in Affiliate Network.

1. DO NOT compete in existing market space. PERHAPS INSTEAD you should create uncontested market space.
2. DO NOT beat the competition. PERHAPS INSTEAD you should make the competition irrelevant.
3. DO NOT exploit existing demand. PERHAPS INSTEAD you should create and capture new demand.
4. DO NOT make the value/cost trade-off. PERHAPS INSTEAD you should break the value/cost trade-off.
5. DO NOT align the whole system of existing affiliate’s activities with its strategic choice of differentiation or low cost. PERHAPS INSTEAD you should align your whole system of affiliate’s activities in pursuit of both differentiation and low cost.

There are some things that needs to be eliminated, some to be reduce, some to raise, some to create. This is known as the 4 action Framework.

Instead of going head on with the industry players,  you could be looking for alternative industries. Looking for the complimentary product and services offering.

Empower Network is one such blue ocean strategy. There are many blogging softwares in the market, however by converting this into a sales income opportunity to the masses by becoming affiliates, we therefore have created a big huge community of over 100,000 affiliates have accepted Empower Network and is a growing community. In Fact now, there are other businesses trying to copycat empower network.

For just $25 per month, you could gain access to many features of the system.

This is a great example of business innovation in the blogging world using Blue Ocean Strategy.


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